Frequently Asked Questions

Can my customers make reservations on-line from the website’s restaurant?
Yes, in an easy and fast way, your customers can book at any time from the website of your restaurant.

Can I have detailed information about my customers, like their tastes or
last time they have been at the restaurant?

Yes, the system allows you to have a detailed history of all your customers, their last visit, favourite table, most frequent customers, the ones they have not turned up...

What is needed to get LibroDreservas started up?
You only need a computer and an Internet connection (you can manage with one finger).

Can I set the plan of my restaurant by myself?
Yes, you can set the plan of your restaurant intuitively and quickly.

Is it possible to have statistics of the restaurant?
You can have all the statistics related to your reservations, more frecuently reserved type of table, busiest hours, number of customers per day, month, year, quieter hours, best customers...

Can I see the restaurant bookings on an iPhone or Smartphone?
It is possible to see your reservations with any mobile device with Internet connection.

If I have several restaurants, Can I see all bookings from anywhere?
Yes, you can view and manage your restaurant reservations effectively with a single click.

Is it possible to know the weather forecast to organize my terrace?
You can know the weather forecast of the upcoming days, which will allow you to organize the outdoor tables.

How can I confirm booking details to my customers?
At the time the reservation is completed the customer will receive an sms with all booking details:
date, time... or an e-mail when performed over the Internet.